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1、Protect paint from damages of UV and high temperature and sand wind;  
2、Resume the flexibility of the leather and prolong its service life.
3、High transparency and high over water, increase the wiper life-span;
4、Quickly and thoroughly kill various bacteria, to efficiently catch and degrade formaldehyde


The latest high-tech formula, full application of nano technology, permeability stronger, Deep conservation better, making it in the original formula, based on the Waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-UV, to prevent cracking, slow down aging and function. Has been further strengthened, and not leave sticky residue.

The latest formula contains leather-property genetic materials and belongs to nano-size reaction carrier with high-density polymer materials. It can restore leather from grease losing, fading and aging, create magical protective film to protect leather from damages of UV and high temperature, resume the flexibility of the leather and prolong its service life.

The latest high-tech formula that be used to cleaning and anti-fouling for the car seat fabric and components. It can permeate into the fabric and make it saturation quickly, so that form protective film to provide comprehensive and long-term clean-keeping effect, and waterproof, resist soiling, remove peculiar smell etc. Make your car is more comfortable and cleaning

Using the latest research nano microcrystalline filling materials, colorless transparent, at room temperature and hardened components substructure nano particles saturate to glass surface, density, high refine crystal film. High transparency and high over water, increase the wiper life-span

Paint Crystal Coating
it is the most advanced protective coating which have better resilience under the premise of high hardness. Specifically used to the surface of outdoors auto,electric technology,ship, wind power, glass, train, Piano, furniture, leather and so on. with the high attached power and wear in order to prevent to cracking and shedding that forms High transparentness crystal film, it maintains surface gloss and not appear scratches easily.  to protect the surface from damages of UV, corrosion, resistance impact and aging.

The product is the latest formula. It can remove scratches and oxidation layer effectively. To normal compound that cover scratches and oxidation layer, it will appear after cleaning and regaining, but our product is actually to remove, after several times washing will not to appear for ever.

Special high concentration lasting formula with long-lasting antibacterial effect is adopted, to quickly and thoroughly kill various bacteria, to efficiently catch and degrade formaldehyde, and at the same time effectively eliminate odors in the air inside the car, leather, carpet and fabrics. The treated car has light faint scent left, with effective duration exceeding 3 months.

Before using ,  please check the introduction on the lable every bottle.


It contain 4 pcs Paint Coating    80ml,   1pcs Crystal Coating   50ML,1PCS Leather Coating  80ml,1PCS Dashboard Coating  80ml,1PCS  Fabric Coating  80ml,1PCS Glass Coating  80ml,1pcs Compound 200ml,1pcs TOXIC SUBSTANCES SEPARATING 

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