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The latest developed NANO-Crystalline, it is the most advanced protective coating which have better resilience under the premise of high hardness. Specifically used to the surface of outdoors auto,electric technology,ship, wind power, glass, train, Piano, furniture, leather and so on. with the high attached power and wear in order to prevent to cracking and shedding that forms High transparentness crystal film, it maintains surface gloss and not appear scratches easily.  to protect the surface from damages of UV, corrosion, resistance impact and aging.

Use Method
1、Washing the car body with shampoo fluid.
2、Use compound and swirl remover with polishing wool wheel to removethe oil, scratches and oxide layer, then deal the slight scratches by hand.

3、Thoroughly remove grease and dirt on the surface before using; after shaking evenly, please make sure the surface clean and dry then pour it on the cloth to smear evenly; in 3-8 minutes, with the wet cotton to wipe the remaining crystal then use the soft drying cotton to wipe clean.

4、Finally, pour the glaze on to the paint, and daub it evenly with special sponge ,  then wipe it clean.

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